2016 Dream Summer Fellows – UCLA Labor Center

Tania Cruz

Tania is an undergraduate student at UC Davis, majoring in Human Development. She wants to attend medical school to become an MD, with the desire of becoming a resource to her community. She has found inspiration to achieve her goals while working with her community: “being a 2016 fellow at Alianza has helped me to get involved with my community and learn about different issues that can affect our daily lives. This internship gave me the motivation to pursue my dreams, while giving back to my community.”

Lorenzo Valdovinos

Lorenzo currently attends Butte Community College. He is studying Business Management, and Photography. He wants to transfer to Chico State University and complete a bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a concentration in Management and Human Resources. “I am grateful to ALIANZA and its team for giving me the opportunity to not only learn about the community, my community, but to give back to them and provide useful information. In addition, I am more aware of the obstacles that the undocumented community face.” His desire is to work for the advancement of his community: “My goal is to outreach to small communities and inform them about their rights and opportunities, and I strongly believe that ALIANZA will give me the coaching needed to go out and accomplish what I want to do.

2015 Dream Summer Fellows – UCLA Labor Center

Jocelyn Gonzales

Jocelyn is an undergraduate student at UC Davis. She’s majoring in neurobiology, physiology and behavior, with a minor in political science. She plans on attending medical school to become a physician. She wants to “work with underserved populations that may not have access to health care.” She continues her preparation inside and outside the classroom: “as an intern through Alianza, I have become more aware of the obstacles the undocumented community faces with medical insurances, and want to work on improving access to healthcare.”

Jesus Flores

Jesus is a third-year student student at the University of California, Davis studying Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Latin-American & Hemispheric Studies. He is committed to providing services and guidance to undocumented communities throughout California- having experienced first-hand the difficulty in accessing healthcare and other basic resources. Jesus will be studying this Fall 2016 semester at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) which offers an excellent opportunity for Jesus to enrich his interests in immigration law, having a prestigious political science department.

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